Safe Wasp Nest Removal in Arlington Heights IL

Wasp Treatment Arlington Heights ILWhat does a wasp look like? Well it varies depending on species. Most have two pairs of wings and a pinched waist. They range in colors from black to metallic greens and blues, and vary in size to several centimeters long.

Wasp species are usually categorized as social and solitary. Social wasps live in colonies, where female workers perform all duties within the nest. Solitary wasps live alone and don’t belong to a colony. They lay eggs, but their eggs are left alone to hatch.

Some wasps are aggressive and can sting when threatened. Unlike honey bees, wasps often are capable to sting multiple times. But please keep in mind that wasps are generally beneficial to mankind. Several species are used as parasites to control other pests, especially in agriculture. Others are predators that can help maintain insect population. Others function as pollinators and help with plant fertilization.

Signs of Wasp Infestation and How to Treat It

Wasp signs are dependent on species, but if you see workers flying around and a nest below the eaves of the roof, you have a wasp problem. Our integrated approach utilizes a variety of efficient techniques to control wasps and safely remove their nests. This service is usually performed in one visit. If the wasp nest is easily accessible, it is completely removed. Otherwise, the treatment is performed with an extendable wasp wand that injects powder inside the nest and exterminates the wasps.

Our Process of Proper Wasp Nest Removal and Extermination

  • Inspection: To determine what is necessary to provide an effective wasp control plan
  • Documentation: To explain the specifics of the overall control plan, plus findings and results of not only the initial inspection, but also on scheduled follow-up services
  • Education: To explain the behavior, diet and habitat of wasps and how this info is helpful to you as the homeowner
  • Selection of the most appropriate wasp control techniques: Traps, light modification, mechanical and insecticidal controls, physical removal
  • Cultural controls: To modify the area around your home or business place to reduce the number of sites that are suitable for wasps to nest in the future
  • Exclusion: To make it hard for wasps to get inside the building
  • Sanitation: To keep the area clean and to efficiently reduce access to the wasps’ sources of food
  • Emergency wasp nest removal services when needed on (847) 450-0358

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Jessie Medina, Palatine IL
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