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Garden Mole Treatment Arlington Heights ILGarden moles generally feed on earthworms, ants, beetle grubs and other insects living in the ground. A small portion of their diet consists of various seeds and vegetables, but they are not known to eat bulbs and roots of gardening plants. There are many techniques to control garden moles. The most effective is with traps above their tunnels. But keep in mind that moles abandon tunnels regularly, so sometimes it’s difficult to determine the active tunnels.

Why Garden Mole Repellents Are Only a Short-Term Solution

Garden mole repellents can be generally grouped into sonic, ultra-sonic, electronic and chemical. The sonic and electronic group includes devices such as strobe lights or noise vibration emitters that irritate the pest animal and force it to seek out other places to live. Chemical repellents are compounds that repel garden moles by causing them not to eat a particular plant, or to stop using a specific area in your backyard.

There is much debate about the effectiveness of these repellents. While some do work for a while, the moles can become tolerant of the repellent, and thus making it an ineffective solution. Usually, getting rid of garden moles in the long-term requires an integrated pest management program. A service that employs all the information about the animal habits, behavior and habitat to provide a better control.

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David Williams, Mount Prospect IL
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Margaret Wilson, Arlington Heights IL
I woke up a few days ago with bites I thought were from bed bugs. Found Stann Pest Control online and immediately called them. Setting up the appointment was very easy....
Dorothy Hendrick, Arlington Heights IL
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